How to Properly Clean Your Driveways

Pavers, also known as paving stones, can be used for décor in any setting. Whether homeowners use their pavers as a driveway, patio, or walkway to their garden, these paving stones are bound to wear out and get dirty over time. Fortunately, homeowners can use a stiff-bristled broom and mild cleaning solution to restore their pavers.

Clear any Furniture and Weed Growth

It’s crucial to remove any furniture or potted plant that might block your way as you clean the pavers. Of course, a paver cleaning company wants a clear walkway free of obstacles as they wash the pavers. After that, use a tarp to cover anything that might be damaged by detergent and water. Homeowners can use a brush or bristled handheld broom to brush away and agitate any weed growing in between the paving stones. After loosening all the organic growth, homeowners can scrub the debris off the walkways using a brush. Alternatively, spray a vegetation killer to the pavers if the moss can’t be removed using hands.

Paver Surface Saturation

Hose down the entire paver surface with water before cleaning it with cleansers such as soap. It’s not necessary to use pressurized water at this point; instead, make sure the pavers are wet so that a film doesn’t form or soak up the soap. The safest cleanser to start with is a mixture of degreaser detergent and warm water. Fill up a bucket with water and add dish detergent to it, and then mix the soap into the water thoroughly. After preparing the cleanser, pour it onto the surface of the driveways and walkways and use a brush to scrub a small area of the pavers at a time.

Use a Stiff Brush to Scrub the Pavers

You can scrub the cleanser onto the paver surface using a stiff-bristled brush. The harsh brushing will help loosen engrained debris and stains, and cleaners can wash the surface from different directions to protect the pavers from wearing out. However, don’t overdo it because stiff bristled brooms can leave scratches on the floor, but cleaners can use a scouring pad or wire brush instead.

Rinse Down the Pavers

After scrubbing and cleaning the pavers, use clean water to rinse off the cleaning solution. You can either use pressurized water to blast off harsh stains or hose to rinse off the cleaning detergent. However, homeowners should be cautious when using power washers, as they can excavate sand in between the paving stones. If the soap doesn’t work, look for a specialized cleaning product for pavers at a local home improvement store. However, cleaners need to be cautious when using these cleaning products as most of them are highly toxic and corrosive and can cause more harm than good.

Reasons to Hire a Pavers Cleaning Professional

Your pavers are the most used parts of the home, and with usage and time, they have accumulated dirt and spots from engine oil spillage. A bucket of water and detergent may not be sufficient for a homeowner to clean their driveway thoroughly; instead, you will need to hire a professional cleaning service to scrub the pavers with water blasting techniques. A professional cleaning service will use the right washing equipment to ensure efficient use of water and take a fraction of your time to clean the pavers. Cleaning a pavement may seem like a cost-effective and easy task, but a lot of preparation and the right equipment is needed for safety and satisfaction. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning service is of the essence.